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A Team of Passionate Interior Designers.

We are a team of young professionals founded with a motive to providing quality interior designing solutions at an affordable budget maintaining high standards of professionalism.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

Multi-functional interior design in contemporary styles are one of the latest trends. It influences lighting fixture and furniture design ideas and bring changes into home decorating in contemporary styles. Smaller homes and apartments call for multi-functional, stylish and comfortable modern interiors.

 Our Story

Paintofy was founded by a young professional who identified three major concern of the customers regarding timely delivery of projects, proper supervision of projects by the interior designers and affordability.

The founder of our organisation was associated with the organisations like Godrej Interio (a division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.) and Asian Paints Ltd. and respects their values and implemented the same in our business activity, which differentiate us from anyone operating in the same industry.

Our Design Process

The design process is the road map to realizing our vision for each of our clients,  in a planned, organized, and coordinated documentation of all design elements, selections, and decisions made along the way. It ensures the contractor thoroughly understands the design plan and specifications.


Every design is a hypothesis and a practical experiment. By its very nature, plan targets taking care of issues by mediating with a certain goal in mind. Both the design hypothesis and intervention need to be articulated and together they are the foundation for research.


With interior design patterns changing each year, it’s vital to know about the most recent materials, hues and styles for decorating rooms. Irrespective of the size or the design of the room, we present thoughts that can be adapted to practically any home.


Once the design is ready after proper research, next is the most important stage of execution. Each furniture and module should exactly fit in the space and complement each other and finally leaving the clients place after keeping proper note of clients NPR score 🙂

Home Workstation

If your job is work-able from home, your employer is likely encouraging it. Scale up social separating, keep away from that long drive, and dig in your home for general well being and prosperity.

But if you’re new to remote working and don’t have a dedicated study, how do you quickly set up a comfortable and efficient workstation at home that enhances your workflow? This checklist has you covered.